What Betterway is all about

Operating a class 1 vehicle requires a good knowledge of the vehicle and how to drive the vehicle. But to be a good driver (safe driver), you will need good habits. Habits of proper vehicle inspection, Habits of good attitude towards driving, habits of responsibility and a lot more. Habits are what helps you most in achieving a safe, rewarding career in driving. At Betterway, we pass on these good habits to our students to help them have a safe, rewarding career as professional drivers.


Our mission is to provide our students a respected, customized environment to allow hesitation free learning while teaching highest safety standards to operate a motor vehicle.


Our vision is to be the leader in providing excellent learning solutions as we grow in coming years while maintaining our core values.


‘Doing the right thing’ is our most fundamental core value. We will always do what should be done no matter what it takes.